Why the Channel Needs a Unified Ecosystem

Channel Unified Ecosystem

Channel Product Life Cycle

Over the last 15 years, we have been introduced to new technologies or services that we never knew we needed. From Facebook and Instagram to Netflix, Airbnb, Alibaba and Uber, most have become successful thanks to what we call the “network effect”.

But what else do each of these have in common?

As you know, Facebook, creates no content. Uber, owns no cars. Airbnb, owns no property. Alibaba, carries no stock. They are simply an interface for a platform.

So, what does this have anything to do with the channels (be it IT, IoT, or even pharmaceuticals)? Well, I know that there’s an incredible amount of undiscovered economies of scale, efficiencies and collaboration within the channel that is yet to be realized. And a channel specific platform can change all of this.

Consider this. Every vendor, distributor, reseller, aggregator and service provider hold a goldmine of valuable data. From point of sale information, price book, part numbers, part descriptions, weights, cubic measurements, options, service and maintenance contract dates and consumption data.

But data is just that, if it isn’t used right. The fact is, this data is sitting in isolated silos never being utilized for the benefit of the channel.

Of course, I’m not implying that channel members are not sharing some information and transacting with partners already. Most vendors have built their partner portals, many distributors have built their own in-house systems to help manage transactions up and down their channel, and VARs/SPs are just trying to keep up with all the different portals, whilst keeping costs low and trying to remain competitive.

The result is a channel in a state of constant flux, with many manual and software-based systems that are expensive to build/maintain, with limited integration, outdated data, and inefficiencies that impact both the bottom line and end customer satisfaction.

What the channel needs is a single source of truth. A standardized platform where your partners and even your partners’ partners can interact and exchange data in a secure, automated manner.  

However, no single vendor or distributor would have the motivation or capacity to build such a platform (not to mention competitive challenges). They would only build a tool which will benefit their immediate partner network. That’s why only an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) is in the position to build a scalable platform that will meet the needs of every channel member. And that ISV is iasset.com.

We bring the channel together to ensure every opportunity throughout the entire product lifecycle is optimized seamlessly, efficiently and cost effectively. And, the more players we bring into the platform, the greater the benefit for everyone – hence the “network effect”.

There is only one unified channel ecosystem in the world

We already work with some of the biggest names within the industry. If one of your channel partners already has their own iasset.com instance, once permission is granted, the two instances can exchange data, facilitating a fully automated process immediately and 24/7.

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