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Earlier this week my marketing manager and I joined the US team to exhibit at the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) annual Technology Services World (TSW) Best Practices event in Santa Clara, California.

The event brings together the leading service professionals from across various verticals (predominantly IT and healthcare). As a first time attendee and exhibitor, I was curious to see what topics were playing on the minds of these vendors as well as engage with many of the delegates to share our unique solution.

As part of the event, TSIA launched a new research stream called Expand Selling. In conjunction with Expand Selling, the TSIA has developed a customer engagement model called LAER – Land, Adopt, Expand and Renew. Briefly, Land refers to acquiring the customer, Adopt refers to “effectively managing the customer to fully adopt your product and services”, you then Expand by offering additional products and services leading to the Renew phase where all the products and services are renewed and the cycle starts over . It was mentioned during one of the presentations that historically the focus has been weighted heavily on the Land phase, but in the “new world of cloud and consumption economics”, it is critical that companies adapt and adjust to focus more on ADOPT-ion.

I was very pleased to see this model being presented by the TSIA as their “pacesetter” approach to providing better outcomes for the customer as it’s very similar to the LEEP™ model recently launched within one of my other companies, Distribution Central.

My overall takeaways from TSW Best Practices event were:

  • The Expand Selling concept and LAER model completely validates the iasset.com engine – our product capabilities can address all of this and more;
  • Adoption is now being pushed as a critical component of the customer journey – finally (!);
  • And what’s critical for any services company is to make sure the customer is getting a successful outcome from their offering or risk losing them.

However, I did find that the presentations were extremely light on how to engage the global channel with LAER and that whilst LAER is a great way to encapsulate best practice, the focus was on direct sales. Perhaps the TSIA follow up session could be how to successfully leverage the indirect channel with a LAER!

I’d encourage anyone interested to learn more about the event or Expand Selling to check out the TSIA website.

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