How Fujitsu Enhances the Value of Its Customer Relationships



With a large base of licensing customers and more than 300 vendor partners, Fujitsu New Zealand was tracking these assets and renewals manually. As the volume of licenses to be managed increased over time, the company investigated options to manage these licenses more efficiently.

During this process, Fujitsu realised that in order to mitigate customer risk of elapsed software licenses, improve customer satisfaction and provide business predictability it needed a system that automated the renewal process and tracked and stored assets for every customer.


After considering a number of solutions, the team at Fujitsu reviewed, an easy cloud-based solution with low set-up costs, and found that it could:

  • Track and store assets by each customer within a single platform
  • Automate the entire renewal process end-to-end
  • Accommodate for the growth of the renewal program
  • Provide an evergreen solution that required no code level customisation
  • Enable the flexibility required to tailor the solution to Fujitsu’s need

Finally, the decision was made to deploy as a stand-alone system to complement Fujitsu’s existing processes and systems.


Since deploying over 12 months ago, Fujitsu now has cleansed and accumulated data that provides a true representation of their customer’s software assets with more than 90% under contract. In addition, they are consistently achieving a 90% renewal rate.

The platform enables Fujitsu to:

  • Track every software license asset purchased by the customer
  • Reduce risk of lapsed software licenses causing unsupported critical business application outages
  • Share installed base information stored in the software in the form of monthly reports giving customers greater insight into their software assets

After using platform for a few months, Fujitsu is benefiting from the following advantages:

  • Complete control over the renewal process and accurate reporting
  • Ability to access asset data for every customer within 30 seconds
  • Seamless handovers of tracked opportunities between staff while someone is away
  • Positive feedback from customers as the quotes contain more relevant and useful information than before
  • Reduced time and energy spent on sifting through data, meaning more time helping customers with complex licensing queries

Overall, provided Fujitsu with a scalable tool that has enabled them to improve the service they provide to their customers through comprehensive reporting and tracking of software assets. This has helped Fujitsu enhance its value and relationships with its customers.

To read the complete case study, click here.

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