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Influencers aren't just on social media. I see this concept of influence as a massive emerging opportunity for key players within the channel. Distributors and VAR's are in the perfect position to take their business beyond just moving product through the channel, to actually influencing the buying decisions of customers.

Generally, the vendors who are creating the product or service, aren’t end user facing. They are not the ones advocating for their brand, they rely on the channel to bring their offer to market. So, what could be more valuable to a vendor, than an influencer? A partner who is trusted by the customer, promoting and recommending their solutions.

Having brand advocates in the channel is more effective than any high-priced campaign. The traditional way of marketing to the masses cannot compete with a personalized solution from a respected source, that suits your exact needs, at the exact time you need it.

This is the opportunity currently presenting itself to Distributors and VAR's.

The best way to take advantage of this opportunity is to implement an Installed Asset Lifecycle Management platform. Once installed this platform will automate your processes and highlight all potential for upsell, cross-sell, renewal or end of life replacement. When armed with this information, you can provide your customers with timely solutions to suit their needs. You become the trusted advisor because you make them more efficient and take the overwhelm out of tech purchases.

In doing so, you are advocating for the vendor. You are proactively creating sales opportunities that they would never be able to generate on their own.

To be in this position of influence creates value on both sides of your channel. Becoming the trusted advisor to your customers will ensure they follow your guidance and continue to purchase from you. Becoming an advocate for vendor solutions will solidify your partnerships and create further opportunities for your own business.

This is a strategy far beyond just peddling other companies’ products. You don’t wait for the sales to come to you or spend massive amounts of time chasing the big deals. You generate sales activity by knowing your customers’ needs before they do and being ready with the solution – whether it be from one vendor or stacked.

The most powerful players in any market are the ones with the ability to influence buyer decisions. That’s why we have young people today with massive social media followings generating huge income, the approach is proven. is the Installed Asset Lifecycle Management platform that will digitally transform your business so you can dominate in this era of influencer marketing. The intangible asset of influence is becoming the most valuable attribute of our time.

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