Announcement: We Are Launching Our Net New CPQ Solution

CPQ Net New Announcement.

SaaS is pleased to announce that due to overwhelming customer demand, we have expanded our platform to incorporate the configuration and pricing of net new quotes in addition to our renewal, cloud and product life cycle quoting capabilities.

In a world first, this provides an integrated and single solution to customers for all their quote management needs.

Benefits to customers include:

  • No need to maintain two quoting systems for net new and renewals
  • Integrated management of pricing rules and product lists for net new and renewals in a single application
  • Ability to track product sales throughout the entire product life cycle from initial quote through renewals, upgrade opportunities to End of Life
  • Ability to manage and price add-ons for net new and renewal quotes
  • For channel partners - Ability to have multiple vendors on a single quote
  • Increased customer satisfaction, revenue opportunity and cost reduction throughout the entire life cycle.

One quoting platform means that all data and information relating to a customer’s sales history is in the one spot. Regardless if you are net new sales specialist or renewal specialist you will be completely informed as to what the customer has purchased including upgrades and add-ons, when they renewed and importantly when those products and services expire or reach end-of-support or end-of-life.

The platform is designed to proactively manage your customer’s products and services. It triggers notifications to ensure no revenue opportunity is missed or goes untended, reducing customer churn and dissatisfaction.

With the integration of net new quotes into the platform, vendors, distributors and resellers will have even greater ability to proactively manage the end customer’s install base and deliver increased revenue to your business. 

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