Achieving Data Integrity in a Digital World

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Data Management

Your data is your most valuable asset. In fact, in today’s digital economy, we are hearing that it could be more valuable than oil.

But data is simply worthless if it isn’t accurate and up-to-date. So how does today’s enterprise maintain data integrity, when the data can be sitting across so many disparate systems within the one organization?

Take a closer look at an average enterprise, and you will immediately notice the vast number of systems and applications utilized within their business, covering anything from finance/accounting and sales, to collaboration and marketing. Interoperability and seamless information flow between these different systems (especially those that are business critical), is necessary, not only to help achieve data integrity, but also to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why.

Double Trouble

Organizations that have countless systems sitting in silo, experience significant inefficiencies due to the additional data entry effort required by their staff. Not only is there the issue of data duplication, but there’s also the added risk of human error and inconsistency throughout, which ultimately compromises integrity of the data. 

The Bigger Picture

Enterprises today simply don’t have the time to wait for information to be collected or updated manually if they want to remain competitive and deliver exceptional service to their customers. They need to know that the data they are handling is in real-time and accurate. 

Interoperability of key applications or systems will enable greater end-to-end visibility throughout the entire product lifecycle, enabling better decision making and more streamlined communication between different operations.

Our Approach

At, our priority is always data validity, integrity, and accuracy.

To ensure a seamless monthly transaction process, our system operates most efficiently when deployed with our customer’s existing IT systems such as their ERP or CRM. We have already deployed countless integrations for our customers via our team of talented developers, connecting into some of the most complex of systems including enterprise level ERPs, CRMs or any data feed that has APIs available. Some of the most popular systems we currently support include - Oracle, SAP,, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, SNOW and ConnectWise. 

Connect with Partners

In addition to connecting into existing systems, we also offer the ability to connect with your partners.

If one of your channel partners already has their own instance, once permission is granted, the two instances can exchange data, facilitating a fully automated process.

Take a look at our case study, where we helped a global distributor ensure efficient, ongoing management of their installed base with over 9 interfaces into their instance. 



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